max out your profits

Strategic and operational consulting services for
business owners ready to scale and grow

Know your numbers.

Reconcile your books,
find channels of revenue
and money leaks.

Be clear on your direction.

Identify and implement smarter
ways to operate to be strategic
with an eye on the future.

Allocate resources wisely.

Everyone on the team is happy
and productive, systems run
smooth, costs go down and
profits rise.

Are you losing money and not able to expand like you could?

Sloppy bookkeeping

Lost revenue

Not sure who to trust

Not growing

Team turnover

Costs go up
Avail yourself of a trustworthy business consulting firm that simplifies the process, and distills the complicated into the “easy to understand”.

Get control of your vision, goals, and growth.

Go grow.

Goals, timing and risk tolerance—they’re different for each client. The kind of decisions a business owner makes require logic, organization and planning. We believe in listening and in doing the right thing. There’s no pressure to do anything except what’s right for each client. The best business plans are organized, strategic and customized. It’s your game plan. Customized business plans work.

Praise for Go Grow

“Anthony has an incredible gift and talent for making the complex appear simple. He is a pleasure to work with and always delivers to an exceptionally high standard. He consults impeccably to understand organizational needs and then brings fresh and relevant ideas and solutions to the table. The outside perspective he brings really challenges your thinking and has helped me grow professionally as well as personally. Invaluable.”

- Dan F.

Director of Operations


Step 1

Book a complimentary
Scouting Call

Step 2

Get your Game Plan
to financial freedom

Step 3

Profits continue to go
up, you go grow

In business, approach with the right mindset
Face fear head-on, commit to excellence, and keep a winning attitude.
These are all skills any great coach expects of their team. The same with running a company. When you commit to yourself and remain determined, you act with confidence to take care of business. Like football, butt heads if necessary to make it happen, and always approach it with selflessness and positivity.

Commitment, determination, positivity–
these are the game changers in life and in business.



Through honest accounting, competent systems, strategic action and unwavering discipline, our proven EC4 system will get you where you want to go in your business, finding money leaks, assessment of team resources, and a plan to go grow into financial independence and living the vision you have for your life.


Running a business is not a game. As you’ve implemented your Game Plan, and you know your numbers, you have your team in the right positions, and you have installed systems for the long-term, the Game Series keeps you steady with strategic growth. Maximizing profits and growing.


Anthony has worked with all levels of companies from zero base organizational structure all the way up to corporate America. Specializing in the cannabis sector and post-athletic career.

Why go grow?

Anthony has worked with all levels of companies from zero base organizational structure all the way up to corporate America. Anthony’s knowledge, work ethic, ‘Get It Done’ attitude/ drive and passion for small business, professional athletes, and high-wealth executives proves that he has what it takes to work with and build on all levels of business.

Know you are in good hands. Relax knowing that all your business systems and accounting are running smoothly and profitably. Avail yourself of a trusted servant who happens to be brilliant at numbers and accounting.

A business and financial consultant providing unsurpassed service in business management, optimization, and private wealth creation.